Every good journey has a story at its heart

And that’s what we create for the airline’s print and digital media platforms. With fresh and exciting experiences,  colourful and characterful local voices and unexpected adventures, our stories aren’t what you’ll find in your average travel magazine or website; they are curated just for Wizz Air’s switched-on passengers .

WIZZ magazine

We’ve been creating WIZZ Magazine since 2021. An essential manual for savvy travellers, it’s packed full of smart, surprising and unexpected content

Reach 70m+ passengers

Wizz Air’s inflight magazines and digital channels are a unique media offering for global and local brands

Targeted solutions that boost your brand

Get your message to your desired audience with
boarding pass and email advertising

Commercial relationships that last

LXM Media offers opportunities for commercial partnerships, advertising slots and creative solutions with WIZZ products


We created a series of editorial videos that tell unique stories about the airline’s destinations. This allows viewers to further engage with the brand and the experiences it offers.

Digital and Social

We develop, produce and deliver a range of social media campaigns on various channels to promote your brand


Download everything you need here
from our company and client media packs
to schematics for aircraft livery


Looking for a smart travel solution for your brand? Drop us a line below, we’d love to talk with you.

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