Ambient advertising

Tray table branding

  • You reach 100% of your target group with your advertising and your brand in a special environment and unique situation
  • 80% unsupported recognition
  • Your target group sees the advertising messages in the aircraft cabin for up to 3 hours during the flight
  • 35% increase in intention to buy compared to other advertising measures
  • Call to action embedding

    Due to the incomparable contact intensity and high level of acceptance among passengers, this medium has a very effective advertising impact. With up to 3 hours of contact, this unique form of advertising achieves top media values.

Aircraft livery

  • Your flying brand ambassador
  • Partial & complete foils – up to an area of 400sqm per aircraft
  • There are hardly any limits for your design
  • Reach up to 9 million passengers a year at the airports
  • Multiply your reach with social media campaigns (e.g. seeding via forums by planespotters)

Individual options for use

Secure the integration of your branded aircraft in your internal and external communication, e.g. PR campaigns, incentive trips, or charter “your” branded aircraft for important business events or use it for media-related hangar events.

Mock up designer

Media Center

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